Some top tips about Back pain

Back pain is common, it’s rarely dangerous and can be treated easily.  It can be extremely painful and feel like a shot gun is the only answer!  Approximately 84% of people worldwide experience back pain and it is equally common across all age groups.

Discs cannot ‘slip’, If you are unfortunate enough to have been told you have a bulging, prolapsed or ‘slipped’ disc then correct treatment and/or advice needs to be sought, I don’t mean spending thousands of pounds on treatments and adjustments, as in most cases the disc can repair itself over time, you just need to know what you can and can’t do, and during this time it may be wise to have soft tissue work performed to avoid imbalances and compensation factors during the healing process.

MRI and CT scans are rarely needed, although if fracture, cancer or infection is suspected then it would be wise to have a scan.  Many scans will almost always show ‘something wrong’, which could be poorly linked to the pain you are experiencing.

Do not rush for surgery, there are many cases where people have had a scan which showed ‘something wrong’, then undergone surgery yet the problem remained! Best go for less invasive treatments first, if all else fails or it is plainly clear that surgery is needed then so be it.  I have had several clients who have had a laminectomy because there was no other choice and got fantastic results (I hasten to add I wasn’t treating them for back pain at the time).

The back is designed for lifting, however if lifting in an awkward position or shifting a weight you’re not used to then this may lead to pain (mainly muscular), some points to remember are, know your limits, don’t rush, have good form and practice.

Exercise is good for back pain, unless something sinister is going on then you should keep moving as much as you can, try for 30 min a day, this will also give great health benefits, also the best type of exercise is the type you enjoy, don’t think you should go to the gym just because that’s what people do, if you enjoy dancing – go to a dance class.