“I have had about 6 years of dragging one leg or the other, so falling over frequently, and very painful, stairs being impossible – and now I am much better, in fact I think I shall be walking well by summer. I may always need a stick unless I become more balanced so will work on that next. All this improvement is due to Clive and his treatments. I wish my daughter could get to see him”

“I have suffered from painful hips and knees for about six years. At first I took anti-inflammatory’s and treated it as arthritis, normal for a person in their mid seventies. I began to take things seriously and went through the usual process of chiropody for a few months, then acupuncture, herbal medicine with vitamin and mineral supplements, and a range of oils, from omega 3’s and 6’s to green lipped mussel oils. As with many joint problems there were good days and bad, and I assumed that the good were outweighing the bad. I had a bad fall on a pavement hitting the ground with a thump on my left knee. This healed gradually. Then I had another heavy fall.

A visit to a knee surgeon revealed sufficient damage to recommend a knee replacement. I found this difficult to manage since the metal replacement was very heavy and my leg and foot tended to drag. A long period of physiotherapy and massage was pleasant but non-productive. I tried swimming, gentle exercise, regular walks, even Yoga and Pilates, though it was impossible to get down or up from the floor, since my new knee hurt too much to put weight on it (and still does).

Last year I was limping so badly that I went back to the surgeon who decided my opposite hip needed a replacement and this was done last June. I was sure I would be one of those who would be walking well in six weeks. Wrong. I was still in a lot of pain and limping badly in September.

In early October, by word of mouth I heard of Clive, a sport injury specialist healer. From the first I felt at home with his friendly and confident manner. It was clear that he knew and cared about my problem and felt positive about helping me. I cannot express how much relief I felt during the treatment. He is not only gentle and competent in handling damaged tissues but can explain at the same time exactly what he is doing and why it will help in the healing process. I left feeling good. At first I was exhausted after the treatments as my muscles objected at being awakened and made to work again. Gradually I improved, though I still limped a lot. Clive studied my walk and diagnosed a mistake in the movement in my knee-replaced leg, suggesting an alternative action that improved my walk immediately and with practice is now my normal gait.

Still carrying a stick, just in case, I now walk more or less normally, I can get round the house and climb stairs quite well and movements are no problem. I feel no pain in hips or knees, which is quite a relief after so many years of putting up with it.

I strongly recommend that anyone with joint injuries should consult Clive first – I sometimes wonder whether I would have undergone surgery quite so quickly had I had his expert treatment earlier. Be that as it may, I am very grateful to Clive for giving me back my mobility and an improvement in many aspects of my life”.

Hazel Sherrington, Barbican, London