“Clive is not just a massage therapist. He is a brilliant one! The description of massage therapist in his case is a complete misnomer and undervalues his immense power and gift of unique form of therapy. His treatment seems to be something between physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and massage and probably most importantly his intuitive diagnostic skills, picking up where additional problems might lie, which invariably is the real cause of the actual presenting symptom, following the treatment of which invariably clears the problem and its related symptoms.
I have been blessed with his services for just over two years now and hopefully it will continue for a considerably longer time.

I am a 70 year old retired GP who over the years because of the gradual onset of musculo-skeletal and joint problems due to early onset of arthritis and previous accidents and advancing age, have had to have regular massage, physio and osteopathy for years to keep my various joints and muscles active and healthy and consequently I’ve had many therapists over the years. But I have never experienced such excellent work as Clive’s in clearing up most of my chronic problems or the more recently acquired ones which normally settle down after a few short sessions. But I have him on regular weekly sessions as a preventive measure which seems to be effective for me. I’d had a chronic frozen shoulder problem with my left shoulder and chronic problems with my right groin, hip and adductor muscles due to severe previous injury. Following his work over the weeks, Thankfully both tiresome chronic problems have cleared up and if by any chance they recur which can happen following overuse or further injury, they usually clear up again after a couple of sessions. He has also managed to clear up my chronic cervical spondylitis (Neck problem) and occasional backache and sciatica, knee problems as well the regular leg cramps that I used to get as a result of the side effect of some of my medications.

In addition to his therapeutic work, he can also give great holistic relaxing and pampering massage which is wonderful. He also teaches individuals some simple exercises , techniques and advice so that one can do in between sessions to keep the body in good trim.

As an aside, he has also seen my teenage godson who is a keen athlete and footballer from time to time and given him some valuable advice and exercises to prevent injury as well as treating his occasional niggling injuries.

I thoroughly recommend his services to anyone who might be in need of body maintenance. I am sure that once you have tried him, you’d be so pleased and spoilt that you would not want to go to anybody else.”

Dr.Kai Kermani, BSc(Hons.), MBBS, LRCP.,MRCS.,DRCOG.,MRCGP.,BCRP.
Retired general practitioner, counsellor and healer, author and poet

Loughton, Essex