provides home visits for sports massage in Okehampton and surrounding villages, a perfect way to prepare your body if you are about to begin a new exercise regime or if you are struggling with an existing one.

Sports massage in Okehampton
Swiss Chalet in Simmonds Park

For those who are thinking of beginning an exercise programme but feel too intimidated or do not have enough confidence to go to a gym or a class, then Simmons Park, Okehampton, EX20 1EP is a perfect starting point, with its open fields and picturesque walks (which you can make as demanding or as easy as you like) its the perfect way to begin your new exercise  programme.

Another great facility Simmons Park in Okehampton has to offer, is the outdoor gym, which is situated just behind Okehampton Argyle football club near the playground. There are various pieces of apparatus which you can use at your leisure in the fresh air with no gym joining fees.

Please note, the equipment should have full instructions on how to use them, if they do not and you are in doubt please obtain advice (maybe one of the kind Parklands Leisure Center staff will lend a hand).

Bodymaintenance sports massage in Okehampton specialises in treating aches, pains and injuries, using advanced sports massage techniques, whether it’s back pain, leg pain, neck pain, a trapped nerve or just getting your body ready for functional fitness, bodymaintenance is here to help, inspire and overcome any doubts you may have and help you begin a healthier lifestyle.

Wishing you happy & healthy exercise days!

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