Step 1 - Get in touch!

  • Internet confusion?
  • Current treatment not working?
  • Friends advice... "I've had something like that"?

Speak to me even if you have already had an opinion, you never know something may have been overlooked.  A second opinion maybe what you need and together we can decide the best way forward whether it’s a treatment, assessment or advice.  Half the Struggle is not knowing what’s wrong, once you know, you can start dealing with it mentally, which will assist recovery, as you will obtain the tools and information to begin the healing process.

Book an appointment ...

Now that we have spoken we may be in a position where we need to book a treatment or assessment.

Step 2 - Assessment or treatment day

If you have booked an assessment & consultation we will go through a questionnaire, I will asked questions like... How did it happen? when did it happen? what did it feel like? etc.  then, I’ll take you through some range of movement testing (flexibility) and strength testing, this is usually followed by palpation, where I can feel for adhesions, fibrotic material and Scar tissue which will highlight the problem areas.  From here a suggestion will be made as to what’s wrong and what treatment is required.


If we decide to go ahead with a treatment straightaway, then work will begin to correct imbalances and the highlighted problem areas, using various advance soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques and neuromuscular technique to rectify the problem, we may also incorporate ultrasound and T.E.N.S.

Step 3 - Homework and follow-ups

Once you have had your treatment I may suggest some simple exercises that will complement your treatment and prolong the effect, this may include strengthening, stretching, lifestyle adaptations, advice on r.i.c.e (rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation) or maybe Contrast bathing.  Its best that you do complete these exercises and advice given as it will benefit you in the long run.

By the end of the treatment I may now be in a better position to give you an estimate on how many treatments this might take or maybe just the one will be enough.

How many treatments will be required depends greatly on the type of the injury or condition, how long you’ve had it, what you do for a living or past time and of course if you do your homework.  However I will strive for as few treatments as possible.