Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you should have a query or question that is not detailed below please just get in touch.

What happens at an assessment?

If you have booked an assessment we will do a consultation and go through a questionnaire, I’ll take you through some range of movement testing, strength testing and check flexibility, This is usually followed by palpation where I can feel for adhesions, fibrotic material and Scar tissue and highlight the problem areas.

A suggestion will be made as to what’s wrong and discuss the best way forward. If we decide to Go a head with a treatment straightaway then work will begin to correct imbalances and the highlighted problem areas, using various advance soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques, we may also incorporate ultrasound and T.E.N.S.

Where is your clinic?

You don't have to worry about finding me as I bring the clinic to you! I provide everything needed to give you a treatment at your home, work or club, so you do not have to worry about doing a 20 min drive, find and pay for parking, walk to the clinic, walk back to the car and drive home, especially if in pain and discomfort.

Which areas do you cover?

Currently I offer services in West Devon including Okehampton, Hatherleigh, Launceston, Tavistock, North Tawton, Winkleigh, Chagford, and many of the surrounding villages!

How much does a treatment cost?

Prices begin at £35.00 and will depend on distance and time travelled. The method and type of treatment taken will determine the final cost although this will be fully and honestly discussed with you before any course of treatment is agreed.

I am very old and can’t move much will you still be able to treat me?

Yes, this shouldn’t be a problem,  I have had many infirm clients where I have had to adapt and be resourceful to achieve results. Read More

Do you treat children?

Yes, usually from the age of 10 but please note that a parent must be present throughout the treatment and assessment.

What’s the difference between you and an osteopath, chiropractor or physio therapist?

I tend to have longer sessions for a similar price,  this means I am able to cover a lot more corrective work in secondary areas rather than just the site of pain.

My treatments have been described as a mixture of osteo, physio and sports massage (See testimonial K Kermani)  having said that there are situations where I may need to refer clients to one of these other professionals if needed.

Do you take cards for payment?

No, sorry, I can only accept cash, BACS or cheque.