Please take a moment to read some or all of the testimonials from some of my clients.  As you read you will see that there were challenges, quick wins, a varied age group and a variety of conditions and injuries treated.

Post Event Treatments

Gavin is a very keen cyclist at a high level, after completing an arduous event he required post event sports massage treatment to speed up recovery. What Gavin had to say shows the importance of these post Event treatments…

Having completed the Welsh Cycling Association 12 Hour Time Trial yesterday, a cheeky 254 miles, Clive came to the rescue.  Legs were tired, obviously, however I was struggling with neck pain from a sustained period in one position whilst on my bike! One call to Clive and I’m sorted.  Having participated in many different sports, I have been on the receiving of many sports therapists over the years, and Clive is the best by many a country mile.   I would highly recommend him to others who like to punish their bodies through sporting madness.”

Gavin Mcdougall
Bridestowe, Devon 2015

Chronic hip and shoulder pain

Having contacted me with several concerns covering a long period of time, we decided after the consultation and assessment that four sessions would be in order to cover these concerns, then see where we stand after this. After the first session one of these concerns was eradicated completely and the rest followed with subsequent treatments this is what this lady had to say.

“Having suffered from chronic hip and shoulder pain from sports injury for over 4 years and only obtaining short term relief from other practitioners I had no reason to be anymore optimistic when I booked in a session with Clive.  We spent a considerable time discussing the mechanism of my injuries and agreed to a course of six treatments in quick succession, each to solely focus on one area.  After only the first two, I was able to sleep all night without being woken several times by the usual discomfort.  this in its own right improved my quality of life immediately.  After the six treatments I now have very low grade aches, nothing like the pain I used to experience and have gone nearly a month without steady deterioration I would expect by now.

I can strongly recommend Clive to anyone from the professional sportsman, through to the keen amateur to anyone returning from injury or surgery.  Provided I adhere to the exercises he suggested for me I can assist my body to recover and am able to do far more with greater ease again.  If you are however looking for a spa treatment – go elsewhere.  This is Hard core sports massage and not for the feint hearted, I could only tolerate it because of the results Clive was obtaining for me. Clive practices with a sense of humour – ‘everybody swears sooner or later’ – but instills confidence in his ability while maintaining a professional manner.”

Hip replacement recovery

This lovely lady was struggling with post-operative scarring and the inability to use her muscles effectively, Along with lateral hip pain which seems to be consistent with hip replacements.
Hazel lived an approximate 15 minute walk away for an able-bodied person but had to get a taxi, use a walking frame and use the lift to reach the first floor due to weakness and lack of confidence.
By the end of approximately eight sessions Hazel, now with the aid of just a walking stick was able to walk from home to my treatment room and Successfully tackle the stairs.

“I have had about 6 years of dragging one leg or the other, so falling over frequently, and very painful, stairs being impossible – and now I am much better, in fact I think I shall be walking well by summer. I may always need a stick unless I become more balanced so will work on that next. All this improvement is due to Clive and his treatments. I wish my daughter could get to see him”

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Hazel Sherrington
Barbican, London

Postural problems

A retired schoolteacher who loved to keep herself fit and in good shape, however Marion was suffering with long-term postural problems. Regular, spaced out treatments targeted chronic shortening of postural muscles to help improve and prevent worsening of these postural problems. This case was a good example of how my treatments complement other therapies such as osteopathy…

“I have known Clive for a number of years and find that his massage therapy complements perfectly my osteopathic treatments. I am now based in Dorset but aim to book at least one session with him each time I travel back to Herts to see friends and family-quite a regular occurrence.
Since I discovered the benefits of massage I have visited several different practitioners with varying approaches and techniques-I have to say that Clive is excellent-with very good results-I would recommend him to anyone wishing to give the therapy a try”.

Marion Darville

Joint and muscle pain

Allan presented with shoulder pain and had been told this was frozen shoulder,  however after my assessment I discovered that it was an impingement with a mild degree of inflammation, therefore this condition is far more treatable with quicker results than the long term frozen shoulder condition, this shows the importance of a second opinion…

“I was in great pain with a frozen shoulder type complaint. Six months seeing a physiotherapist didn’t help. Clive completely cleared it up after 3 sessions! Marvellous! I am constantly amazed by his ability to find sore muscles!”

Allan Lochhead
Forest Hill, London

Calf Strain – Marathon Preparation

Dan had completed over 70 marathons (rather him than me!) and is hoping to achieve 100. He had suffered a substantial calf strain and after a phone call to me he came in for a free assessment (that day). I explained that it would be too soon to have a treatment on this injury and gave him some advice on what to do over the next 5 days, after this time I can reassess the injury and treat him if safe to do so. Dan explained that he had made several phone calls to other practitioners who were keen to treat him immediately! Dan said my honesty and advice swung the decision for him to see me for treatment. Dan was able to complete another marathon in approximately 4 weeks from this date, albeit in a much slower time than the usual three hours! but injury free…

“I injured my calf during a race and contacted Clive having found him through Google. After being diagnosed with a torn calf I told Clive that I was due to run a Marathon in four weeks time and didn’t want to pull out so would he be able to get me ready. After three intense sessions and a detailed rehabilitation programme I was lining up with thousands of other runners on the start line of the Seville Marathon, It was amazing considering I could not run 10 meters four weeks ago, I completed the marathon with no issues! Clive’s in depth knowledge and friendly manner really helps you understand your injury and how the healing process works, I would recommend Clive to all my all my friends at the drop of a hat and now see Clive on a monthly basis to ensure everything is in working order. The fact that Clive does home visits too is a definite plus seeing as I don’t drive. Thanks and regards”.

Dan Gritton
Loughton, Essex

Soft tissue treatment

Paul is an extremely keen open water swimmer and was suffering with shoulder and neck discomfort/tightness. A simple soft tissue treatment, a very quick win…

“Clive has provided sports massage for a number of years. I would recommend his approach very highly. He does a good job and makes a great difference.”

Paul Lincoln
London, 2009

Sports massage techniques

This young man enjoyed running and doing events such as ‘tough Mudder’, however there was a niggling problem with the outside of his knee, fibrotic tissue and adhesions were the culprits and a few sessions did the trick…

“After 3 years out, Clive’s great work got me running after only a matter of weeks. I had been unable to run due to a combination of runner’s knee and a painfully tight quad and hamstring muscle on my left leg. An MRI scanned revealed nothing, and I turned to Clive after 8 weeks of NHS physio made no difference at all. I discussed my problem with Clive who implemented various sports massage techniques each week and after 4 sessions, I was back at the gym and able to run freely. I am hugely impressed with the speed and effectiveness of Clive’s treatments, all of which came at a very reasonable price from a great bloke. Cannot recommend highly enough to anyone recovering from an injury.”

Iain Johnson

Performing Arts

Anna is a performing artist and came to me with concerns over a painful hip, she was due to perform at an event in a weeks time. My assessment showed that there was not a major problem and hopefully this would be an easy treatment is what Anna had to say…

“I wanted to give positive feedback on my Sports Massage session with Clive, I went to see him a week before a performance, hip pain is all gone, I was able to do the show perfectly, thanks a lot”

Anna Zant

Painful niggles

Kai Is a retired GP who was suffering with some issues and niggles. Kai wanted These niggles to be eradicated and continue with regular treatments for health and quality of life benefits. From the consultation we knew there would be several treatments before the general maintenance treatments could begin.
here’s what K had to say…

“Clive is not just a massage therapist. He is a brilliant one! The description of massage therapist in his case is a complete misnomer and undervalues his immense power and gift of unique form of therapy. His treatment seems to be something between physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and massage and probably most importantly his intuitive diagnostic skills, picking up where additional problems might lie, which invariably is the real cause of the actual presenting symptom, following the treatment of which invariably clears the problem and its related symptoms.
I have been blessed with his services for just over two years now and hopefully it will continue for a considerably longer time.

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Retired general practitioner, counsellor and healer, author and poet

Keeping Active

Here we have a young mother who liked to keep active and had the aim of running a half marathon but unfortunately was suffering with knee pain, after the assessment we sorted out the imbalances, fibrous adhesions of the quadriceps and hips and freed the femoral nerve. A second opinion in this case was the right choice, fortunately for Sanna this situation didn’t last 7 years like the lady in the following case study.

“I am seriously impressed with the effectiveness of Clive’s treatments. After my GP had told me there is not much that can be done to the pain in my knee, leg and hip other than to stop running I went to see Clive as I didn’t want to pull out of my first half marathon which was due in four weeks. Four sessions with him and I ran an easy half with a good time and absolutely pain free! Clive is a brilliant massage therapist with amazing diagnostic skills; I cannot recommend him highly enough! Thank you!!”

Sanna Niva
Sth woodford, London

Training for the London Marathon

This is a case where Sheryl had tried all sorts to rid herself of a troublesome chronic condition and shows the importance of persevering with different disciplines such as visiting her G.P, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Pilates, gait analysis etc but most importantly Sheryl gave each one a lengthy time to do their thing (not just a couple of weeks of this and that, which had benefits in their own right).  Sheryl was very down about the whole situation by the time she came to me and I must say, was doubtful if we would get anywhere, this is how it worked out for Sheryl…

“I trained for the London Marathon in 2000 and had to pull out after my longest run of 20 miles due to severe hip pain. I tried again the following year, but the same thing happened.  I was told by my physio that I’d never be able to run a marathon as the heavy training caused inflammation of my hips. I decided to build up my core muscles and did pilates and yoga to strengthen them.  I had gait analysis and orthotics in my running shoes, and only ran short distances on & off for the next 7 years leading up to the Reading half marathon in 2008.

During my training for the 2012 London marathon, I visited Clive for a series of sports massages before the big day as a preventative measure every time my hips got really tight, and his excellent treatment prevented a last minute injury.

I completed the London marathon in 4:54, not a particularly impressive time, but I had no hip pain even after the event.

Clive’s an excellent holistic therapist and, most importantly for me, helped remove the injury barrier so that I could achieve my goal. Thanks”.

Sheryl Sur