Sports Massage, Injury and Pain Clinic
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Free First Consultation
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Your initial assessment is free and it is a chance for you to discuss your concerns and goals. You will be given genuine, professional advice on the options available to you and this will be handled in a friendly and relaxed way.

Sports Injury Specialist
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Accidents and injuries from sports such as football, rugby, running, cycling and swimming are all too common. We can help you find the right treatment to get back on track.

Shoulder, neck and back pain
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Shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain can be extremely uncomfortable. We offer a range of techniques to aid a speedy recovery.

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We offer a large range of treatments, techniques and professional advice to support our clients.  Every case is unique and with many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of which treatment will be most suitable Clive will work with you to develop a range of specific treatments to aid your recovery.

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Physical activity will increase cardiovascular and muscular efficiency, state of mind and reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis and heart disease. But don’t just jump in, have a plan, set small achievable goals and have the muscular system assessed and possibly treated before commencing, you don’t want to have to stop before you get properly started due to imbalances and underlying issues that may rear their ugly head.

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I provide a free consultation and assessment if required, which will give you the opportunity to meet me and discuss your requirements with no obligation for treatment.  If I feel that a treatment from myself will not benefit you, then I will advise you accordingly and guide you in a suitable direction for alternative treatment.

Treatments are approximately 45 minutes long and typically start at £35.00

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Back and neck pain

Neck Pain and Back Pain can range from a crick in the neck, shortening of the neck muscles to work related injury and accident trauma such as whiplash.  Back pain itself may not be the primary cause but coming from other muscle groups...  Read More

Head aches and neck tension

Headaches, Jaw pain, tension, can all be contributed to by having tight muscles and trigger points, intricate soft tissue work and muscle energy techniques can eliminate symptoms and causes.  Headaches can come from the most unlikely of places... Read More

Sports Injury

Sports massage is an essential part of any sports training programme.  The regular use of a Sports Massage Therapist can prevent many forms of injuries by detecting imbalances, fatigue, poor flexibility, fascial adhesions and scar tissue... Read More

Ligament Damage

Ligaments are the passive stabilisers of your joints, muscles are the active satabilisers, when a joint has gone too far within its range of movement there is a chance that the ligaments will be damaged, these have grades of injury the same as muscles, one of our aims when treating a sprain are to increase the tensile strength of the scar tissue to prevent reinjury... Read More 

Muscle Strain

There are many ways a muscle can be injured, whether you are playing sports, decorating or towelling down after a shower. This could be through fatigue, poor warm up, poor flexibility (overstretching) and interrupted muscle contractions to name a few... Read More

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, both conditions have no real cure but can be slowed down and pain levels reduced with the use of medication, losing weight and having a healthy diet. Sports massage treatments and stretching will help to release load and tension in muscle and fascia. There is no reason to quit sport or exercise but each case should be individual... Read More